A Special Message to All Interested Parties:
We are extremely grateful to all of you for your mailing list subscriptions, your Facebook “likes”, your Twitter “follows”, and your comments and contributions to our effort. There is no doubt about several things:

• First, we are very committed to the welfare of the entire BSO organization, and the musicians are at the top of our list. They are the biggest asset we have.

• Second, we don’t want to offend anyone or make any enemies. Following the current controversy, the administration, the musicians and the audience will have to work together. We want to enhance that relationship and not damage it.

Thanks to you, we have lots of support and ideas. We want more. Let us hear from you. If you have an idea to help BUILD the relationships, let us have it. Our dedication is to a strong orchestra that will be around to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2117. We’ll help you to implement your idea if we can, and if not, we’ll tell why we think it might not pass muster. In the meantime, the BSO is presenting a number of attractive programs you and your families should see. Please – buy tickets!

Our gratitude to you again along with a wish for healthy, happy and hopeful holidays.

– The Committee to Save Our BSO
The future of your Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is in jeopardy.
Join our group of concerned BSO patrons and supporters dedicated
to continuing the Baltimore Symphony’s legacy as a major American orchestra.

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How can you help?

Join the committee to Save our BSO

Write a letter

to the BSO’s Board and its management in support of fair treatment of the BSO musicians and prompt negotiation of an acceptable contract.

Please address your letters to

Barbara Bozzuto, Chair of the BSO Board of Directors, and President/CEO Peter Kjome, 1212 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.